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Phone Tree of Despair is a game where you navigate a phone tree while trying to avoid getting stuck on a hold loop. To play this game, you literally call a phone number.

Your goal is to navigate the infuriating expertly designed, user-friendly phone tree to renew your registration! Solve some puzzles along the way, and reflect on how much we all love automated phone systems.

Warning: This game may frustrate you. It sure frustrated the heck out of me!!  πŸ˜‘

How to play:

US πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ: Call +1 (928) 569 9118.

AUS πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί: Call +61 2 5551 6125.

Web πŸŒ: Use the virtual phone above!

Estimated time to completion: 30 minutes.

(Also there is a secret ending!!)

Note: If you call one of the real numbers, this game may cost you money depending on your phone plan. Watch out for international phone call fees if you're calling from a different country.

If that's a problem, you can use the web version on, which doesn't need to you make a real call :)

The reviews are in! πŸ—ž

Now I have to figure out what to do with my time. Like anything sounds fun now.

- My housemate, upon completing it.

Walkthrough 🐾

For those who are having trouble (or don't have the patience to figure out the full game), here's a walkthrough!

Hosting costs πŸ’Έ

This game costs a small amount to host, so if you want to help cover costs, you can send a donation via the page. $1 will be more than enough. I've loaded it with enough credit to last a while but it's possible it'll go down if it goes viral or something πŸ˜…

Credits βœ¨

The programming and music were created entirely by me. Special thanks to those who did voice acting:

  • Zoe
  • Kang
  • Michael
  • Me (Jez)
  • Random person yelling on the street who you can faintly hear in the background in one part.

All recordings were obtained during the compo time period, as per the compo rules :)

Post compo tweaks:

  • Fixed a typo in a URL redirect that previously gave you an error message and ended the call
  • Added an entire web calling interface!

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