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Just had another thought, could be interesting to have levels in other seasons, where the plants and environment (and challenges) are a bit different!

It was very cute and a lot of fun!  Unfortunately, the music wouldn't load (I'm on safari though, which has caused issues with other games).  Really enjoyed the art!  One minor thing was the text before the "next" screen skipped by to fast for me to read.

It'd be cool if the seeds looked a bit different in seed form!  

Aw, yeah the seeds are meant to look different, but I think the filters I used to create them aren't supported in Safari :(  I just uploaded a new version where I baked the filtered sprites in, hopefully that fixes it for you!

*applause* that was fun!

maybe change the glowing soil to a red pot? Just makes more sense thematically.

Other Ideas:
 - a lotus seed planted underwater to make lillypads you can jump across.
 - a helicopter/dandelion seed that can't jump very high but can glid
 - a slow growing seed that needs 2 nights to grow