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A cute virtual pet game called "Tamamystery". Use the two buttons on the screen to take care of your pet and grow it big and strong! 

'Left', 'A', 'Z' or '<': Press Left Button 
'Right', 'S', 'X' or '>': Press Right Button 

Press Left AND Right together to enter or leave buildings. 

At the start, use the left button to select the name you want, and the right button to confirm.

Published Sep 09, 2017
AuthorJez Swanson
TagsMystery, Virtual Pet


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I loved how you just broke up the whole game genre, that you carefully established in the first minute and with the whole art work. <3 I had a blast to figure out the "Tamamystery" and I was glad to see, that you scored the 13th place in the Ludum Dare 34 with that. :) It has a slick design, the visuals are a perfect ode to the "Tamagotchi" genre and the meta humor is wonderful! That's why I simply had to recommend your game in a little article on our blog and also uploaded a gameplay video of it. <3 Fingers crossed that I can see you participating in the next Ludum Dare as well, it'd be a pleasure!

Best wishes,