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uhh I tried to play it but it keeps asking me if my names is "James smith". I try to answer "yes" or "that is correct" but it keeps holding me.

Hm! What browser are you using, and did you grant the web page access to use your microphone?

If you want to help me figure out what's going on, if you pull up the browser developer console (search for browser name + "open developer console" for instructions on how to do that), then the messages there might be able to help figure out if it's recognizing the speech at all

How long do you estimate the browser version to take you? absolutely no rush, i just want to know if i should recommend this now or wait till i can play adhsijhfaiousdf

Thanks for asking! I'm planning on taking a look later in December, when I'll have more time

Great! I'll keep an eye on it nwn


(did... you do it? i've got a notif thingie in my feed but it does not work for me so i just. wanna make sure)

aha, not yet. I am working on it, and getting close!

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Without raytracing, physics, even graphics of any kind, this is the most realistic game ever.