A kitten has noticed our peaceful mouse village! Join up with other mice to distract it as long as possible!

This is an online multiplayer game! You’re working with everyone else that’s currently playing to get as high of a score as possible. Invite some friends to try to get a high score together! You can also join the discord server if you want to coordinate to try break the record :)


  • WASD / Arrow Keys to move
  • Space to Dash
  • Space near an object to pick it up
  • Space while holding an object to throw it
  • Space to restart if you lose or respawn if you die

Bring stuff to the kitten to delay its inevitable destruction!

Also, throwing certain specific objects at other things might have useful results!

Items that exist in the game (try to find them all!):


  • 🌱 Grass - Not super interesting for a kitty
  • 🪨 Rock - May be useful?
  • 🪵 Wood - Some might say this is just a brown rock. They are wrong.
  • 🧶 Yarn - Cats really love yarn!
  • 🧶 Small yarn - Yarn is enjoyed in smaller quantities too, although you’ll need to figure out how to get this
  • 🐟 Toy fish - A fishy friend
  • 🐠 Painted toy fish - Pretty fishy friend
  • 🏠 Mini house - ???
  • 🐱 Cat biscuit - ???

When you start, the game will probably be in a losing state from the last person that played it. So press space to restart and begin!

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I just played through this again and managed to delay destruction for aa bit over half an hour. My new personal record.

I have a couple questions tho, maybe give me some hints?

  • What's up with that pink slime. I really can't decipher it. It's driving me nuts.
  • Just to make sure, there's just one mini house, right?
  • Cat biscuit????
  • Small yarn has me going crazy. I've hit everything with yarn. Even pink slime guy.
  • Is... the grass really useless?
  • Is there any possible way of bringing some trees Back?

this is a very very fun time sucking black hole, even as a solo player. I always love how terribly addictive all of your games are!