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Chess + Battle Royale (kind of)

Welcome to Everyone Chess, a game of chess for everyone. I don’t have many pieces so you’ll have to play with just one for now. Also I don’t have many chess boards so you’ll have to share the same chess board as everyone else. It can get a little cramped, we’re kind of running out of space, sorry!

How to play:

  • Click a square to move
  • Take as many chess pieces as you can
  • When you die you respawn so that’s fine
  • There are AI enemy chess pieces, as well as real humans playing at the same time. And one board for all of you.

How to distinguish AI players for human players? Well… the humans are probably a lot better. You might need to message a friend and get them to play at the same time to actually see that happen though.

Known Issues

  • It can kind of lag a little bit
  • Sometimes doesn't register clicks properly :(

If you just see a grey screen and music, if means the game couldn't connect to the server. Make sure you have an internet connection and try restarting it!

Windows and Linux builds totally untested

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorJez Swanson
Tagsbattle-royale, Chess, Ludum Dare 42
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b e s t g a m e 2020

only gud chess

Really cool except the board keeps moving like crazy instead of being fixed, making it hard to click things most of the time. Maybe take that off please

(2 edits)

It won't work for me (Yes, I am connected to my internet and yes, i have restarted it multiple times.) Edit: I have Windows

Nvm i know how to know.

Hallo People How Do You Play Chess?

I'm Just Wondering...


0/10 king can't move diagonally

Really cool!! you shoud make the chees pieces better looking. But anyways a really cool idea!!! :)