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I feel so powerful

It doesn't work... =(


Words can't express... Woof!




all of them stacked :)


This is such a cute game. Really love the gameplay and the sound track <3

Thanks!! :)

Lovely game, I only wish I could have broken out of bounds in the last level :-)


Haha, I didn't intend for them to be invisible, just the game doesn't render stuff outside the main section of the level for optimization reasons. Otherwise it gets too slow haha.

oh no i want this at playstore right now, seriously. this is too cute, it must be everywhere, i can't handle it. i'm digging the soundtrack so hard!

Thanks! I'll see how I got but I may continue to explore this concept and expand on this game. Stay tuned!


These pups are SO CUTE!! The music and environment suit it as well!! I'm glad we don't have to Yoshi- sacrifice them into a pit like in Mario lol. Excellent game Jez!!


Thanks! I did say I was going to add more levels, so it's not too late to send a dog into the abyss...

Haha nah for real I did have a level idea like that, although the dog would be happy with a bone, so it's not a pit but more like a little den!


Oh my that's precious... a happy pup!

Why would you put up these invisible barriers! :-(

I wanna see puppies suffer! >:-D