Post Ludum Dare version

The Ludum Dare results game out, and this game did really well! A lot better than I was thinking it would go!

It's been a week since the results came out, and so looking back, there's definitely room for improving and bumping up those numbers even more. Thinking about how I spent my time, because the whole game was coded from scratch without an engine, I lost a bit to having to implement things like physics and such. I think next time I'm going to try to build up more of a library of shared utilities I can use to help cut down on some of that time to free up time to focus on other parts of the game more. (Maybe I'll write up some more thoughts in an extended post-mortem later). 

In the meantime, I've been having fun adding small extra things to the game, which you can play on the game's page. I added a bunch of animations; the player now is satisfyingly squishy when they jump around, and I also added a bunch of particle effects to the game. Another significant change I did was some graphics optimization, which should make the game should run a lot faster – or at least, it'll tax your GPU less. It's been fun just adding to the game based on what I think is interesting to do.

Here's the full list of post-compo changes in this version:

Gameplay-impacting changes:

  • Added variable jump height (when you tap the button quickly you do a small jump).
  • Changed the camera so you can actually see where you're going to land when you're falling downwards.
  • Added a victory dance when you win!
  • Made it so you don't immediately respawn when you die, so you can see what killed you.

Visual Changes

  • Added squash and stretch to the character, when they jump, land, and bump into walls or ceilings.
  • Added a bunch of particles around running, jumping, bumping into things and exploding enemies.
  • Added death animations, including a rarer special one.
  • Added little tufts of grass to the grass tile.
  • Made the bats move as they fly.
  • Made the color of each game based on the game itself, rather than the depth of the game. (This also means that different games in the same level can now look different).

Other changes

  • Added the ability to mute the music, or mute all sounds by pressing M.
  • Optimized graphics performance by caching the hue rotation filters.
  • Added a longer version of the song that plays in the games that just give you a power.

Thank you everyone for playing this game!

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